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Andrey Chubukov

Peter Hirschfeld

Yuji Matsuda

Zlatko Tesanovic

Research interests: high temperature superconductivity in pnictides and cuprates, quantum correlated materials.
Workshop talk ; papers related to the Workshop: theory of spin and orbital flavors arXiv:1011.2499 ; nodes and zeroes in SC gap and phenomenology of pnictides arXiv.1006.0447 ; theory of superconducting fluctuations in pnictides arXiv:1004.5277

Ronny Thomale

Research interests: superconductivity, topological phases, fractional quantum Hall effect, quantum entanglement, frustrated magnetism.
Recent works related to the workshop: As-based vs. P-based 1111 pnictide compounds arXiv:1002.3599, Optimization principle to explain form factor anisotropies in the pnictides arXiv:1012.1763 prediction and analysis of D-wave superconductivity in KFe2As2 and KxFe2Se2 arXiv:1101.3593